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What is the difference between a submersible pump and a surface mounted pump?

There are two main categories of water pumps, submersible and surface mounted. Submersible pumps are installed under the water while surface pumps...

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Should I use batteries in my solar pumping system?

While batteries may seem like a good idea, they have a number of disadvantages in pumping systems. First, they reduce the efficiency of the overall...

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What is solar water pumping, and why would I need it?

Solar water pumping is the process of pumping water with the use of power generated by sunlight. The advantages of solar water pumping are many....

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Do I need a water storage tank?

Storing water in a cistern or tank has many advantages. It's less expensive and more efficient than storing power in batteries. Since water is always...

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How does the sun power a pump?

The photovoltaic effect produces a flow of electrons. Electrons are excited by particles of light and find the attached electrical circuit the...

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