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HR 12-328 AC DC

Helical Solar Submersible Pump, 12 GPM, 328 FT Head, 90-400 VDC or 90-265 VAC, Brushless Motor

Category: HR - Helical Rotor Pumps


Flow Range: 3-12 GPM (11-45 LPM)
Depth Range: 50-525 Ft. (15-160 m)
DC Voltage Range: 90-400
AC Voltage Range: 90-265
Minimum Well Diameter: 4" (100mm)
Discharge Size: 1 1/4" NPT
Controller: HR Control Module (CM)

Product Details

The positive displacement Helical Rotor (HR) AC-DC pumps can be powered by AC or DC power ranging from 90-400 VDC or 90-265 VAC. You can connect your HR pump to solar panels, a generator, wind turbine or grid power. The HR pumps are constructed out of durable 304 stainless steel providing a long-life pump to run for years. They are perfect for remote locations or domestic installations. With built-in Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPP), the flow of water will be maximized to the available solar power through your solar day. Protections against overloads, surges and dry running are all integrated into the onboard inverter.

Another great advantage of the HR series pump is the ability to repair them. They are not a disposable pump. Sun Pumps can evaluate and repair your HR series pumps with the modular parts we have on hand. This allows you to return to pumping water in a timely manner and without you having to purchase a new pump.

Installation is quick and easy. When installed with a CM controller, you have full control of the pump including: speed control of pump to slow it down to match your well's water flow exactly, connections to pressure or float switches, digital output control for remote control and even records the working hours of the pump.


HR AC-DC Data Sheet.pdf
HR 12-328 AC-DC Helical Rotor Frequency Curve.pdf
HR AC-DC Manual.pdf
CM MP Manual.pdf

Sun Pumps HR AC-DC photo
Sun Pumps rotor and stator
Sun Pumps HR inverter
Sun Pumps CM MP Control Module photo
Sun Pumps Stop Module Photo
HR AC-DC photo

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